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Why Seabrook, WA should make it onto your future PNW travel list.

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Seabrook WA Sunset
Photo Credit: Michael Palermiti, Courtesy of Seabrook

Ah, the Washington Coast! One of the most beautiful and peaceful places to travel to in the PNW. Seabrook, Wa is located just 2 1/2 hours from Seattle. A lot of people don't think to head to the beach until the warmer months, but Seabrook is truly perfect for any time of year. It's a magical and charming new beach town, set 70 ft above the surf, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Traveling with family? Seabrook is so kid friendly! It's a walkable town with so much to do. A few of our favorite things we did :

-Hiking (There are some really cool hikes right on the property)

-Swimming in the indoor pool/ hot tub

-Playing Sports (There are multiple different types of ball courts)

-Searching for Frogs in the Garden Promenade (shown in middle pic above)

-Bike Riding (Bring your own or rent from Buck's Bikes in town)

-Check out the kid park and Zip Line (There was a super cool hidden trail there)

-Head right down the steps to the beach!

-Grab an Ice cream cone at Sweet Life (Pictured above)

- Head over to the fire pit in the evening (Bring stuff for S'Mores!)

- Searching for Big Foot (Big statue of him in town)

-Playing board games inside when the weather wasn't great

-Check out the Farm District (This is where we saw deer both nights, and my son got to get right next to them. He is still talking about it!)

The property is Stunning!

Everything about the town is so beautiful, and clean. You can easily get lost staring at the architecture of all of the shops and homes. Everyone is SO friendly. It just feels like everyone slows down and is more relaxed.. Which is what also makes this the perfect place to head to, to relax and reset. One of my girlfriends is heading to a women's retreat here at the end of the month. Such a great location for something like that!

Deer in Seabrook

Dining options in Seabrook:

The best part of any trip of ours includes lots of good food! There are a few restaurants in town. Some really great food, but not many options. If you like Pizza (Does anyone not like pizza? haha) You have to check out Fronatger's Pizza Co. The Frontager's Hawaiian was so good, and different!

There is a Bakery in town, Red Velvet Bakery by the Sea, with really good Coffee (Thank God haha) . Tip: The Americano comes with less espresso than usual, so make sure to add extra if you "need" your usual haha. The food selection here was all really great looking! I'm not a big sweets fan, and it had mostly pastries, but my son was absolutely not complaining! The owners here are lovely and it was fun to chat with them about the town and future plans that the town has for new shops etc.

Whether or not you are a big ice cream fan, you should still wander into the Sweet Life . They have something for everyone. They are most known for their fresh locally made ice cream, but the chocolates were definitely worth mentioning.

A great lunch option is to head into the Front Street Market, and have a sandwich made, grab a drink, and have a picnic out on the grass, (or in the big white chairs they have stationed there) overlooking the ocean. It is a great place for the kids to run some energy out.. or roll down the hill over and over like mine did haha. Another awesome tip, The market offers delivery! Pick your meals ahead of time and the ingredients will be waiting for you at your house when you arrive. They have so many staples and treats to choose from!

How to pick which home to rent out in Seabrook....

Seabook Town Map
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Seabrook

As you can see, Seabrook has many options for vacation rentals. Check out the actual map online. You can sort by Location, Size and/or Price. You can also check out which ones are more secluded or which ones are closer to the shops and restaurants. We actually opted to stay further from the town center this time, and stayed in the Farm District. It is tucked away from the shops and restaurants, but its not a bad walk at all. (You could also drive in and park and walk if you really didn't want to walk). The Farm District was so peaceful, and was in more of a relaxed, rural setting, which we loved! We will definitely stay again in the future. We were in High Tides Green Grass this time. It was a lovely cottage that was perfect for 2-3 people. And the owners had adorable and delicious custom made cookies waiting for us. *Extra bonus for parents: It is closer to the kids park.

A lot of the bigger homes come with a washer/dryer, and a hot tub. I think next time we stay we will be adding an additional night (3 nights) and checking one of these homes out.. we will probably still request the Farm District though.

Random Tips:

-Bring your own food ( and wine haha) if you are on a budget. We had a lot of fun dining out and the food was for sure worth it, but it definitely gets pricey. All of the homes have a full kitchen, stocked with anything you could possibly need, so its easy to prepare meals.

-Check out Roosevelt Beach, only two miles from Seabrook. It's an expansive beach, lined with cliffs. It offers such beautiful views of Copalis Rock, and it's a hidden gem (We were the only ones there) .

- Don't forget a Rain jacket or Windbreaker. The weather is a little unpredictable.

-Check into renting multiple homes side by side for larger group trips. (This is on our new group travel list because I love having my own place to stay so the idea of homes close but not quite all together is awesome.

- If you forget beach toys, Check out Seabrook Kids. The store is too cute and they have a lot of fun items inside.

-Map out your drive to include some fun stops on the way home or into town. We checked out the Quinalt Rainforest before heading into Seabrook. It was amazing! We did a little hike, where we found the worlds tallest Spruce tree, and a waterfall. We checked out the lodge and ran into one of my friends and her adorable family there (small world!) They were raving about their stay there, so I am now planning a stay for this summer. Future Blog alert!

- Lastly, relax and enjoy a stress free trip! Everything you need is so close, right in town, so no reason to plan!

I hope that if you have been considering doing a solo trip or a trip with your family, or even a trip with just the kiddos that you are inspired to do so. Traveling with kids doesn't need to be stressful and over planned. Check back in for more upcoming adventures! If you have a place you'd love for us to feature, or a place you recommend, please share in the comments. Thanks for reading <3

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